Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Efforts at Bribery (Extortion) Have Fallen Short of Making Me Wealthy.

Last night, Anon GF asked me when I'd be taking that "Bribery Fundraising" thermometer off of my sidebar and I said, "Yeah, I've been thinking about getting rid of that."

And then she said, "You do know you have to donate the money somewhere, don't you?"  I glared at her thinking of my ill-gotten $7.43, and said, "Oh yeah, I just read a post on Janiece's Blog looking for money for a worthy cause."  (I said this as if I hadn't been thinking of just whisking off to Bermuda with the results of my bribery.)

Anyway, my thermometer is now down, Team Gonzalez is a little closer to their goal of raising money toward Cancer Research (and that much closer to having to shave their heads)!  And you'll all be happy to know that since I would have been embarrassed to donate only $7.43,  I dipped into my own pocket a little. So, my little plan to retire on the generosity of the internet has backfired and actually cost me money.

Why don't you go spend some cash there too!


Janiece said...

Thanks, Nathan. You're a real peach.

Eric said...

What, The Human Fund wasn't a legitimate enough charity?