Friday, July 22, 2011

Bad Blogger.

I am delinquent.  I owe Thursday's photo challenge results.  And I have a couple of things that have been bugging me that I just haven't had time to talk about.

Oh well.

I'd swear I'd get stuff posted tonight or tomorrow...and I might...but I can't promise.  Working all weekend and I have no idea what kind of schedule we'll actually be on.  It could be stupid busy or ridiculous easy.  I guess they'll let me know.

Anyway feel free to chat amongst yourselves.

Suggested topic:  "Amongst" sounds all British and shit.  What are some of your favourite Britishisms? (See what I did there?)

P.S.  "Hideous Arse-Candle" has been taken already elsewhere.  Surprise me, please!

"Look over there, Philip!  I've spotted Dick!"


Phiala said...

I'm two weeks behind on posting photos!

I win!!!

Nathan said...

Delusions aren't exclusively British, but OK.

Tom said...

Whyn't'cha knock me up, sometimes?

Eric said...

I am amused that English people put rubbers on their feet. They're doing it wrong, you know.


Steve, depending on where you are, you might be surprised.

Gristle McThornbody said...

"We'd pack up the car and travel on the smell of an oily rag."
Okay, okay, that one's a Kiwi thing. Close enough. Loosely translates to "traveling on fumes" here.

"It's horses for courses."
Brit through and through.

"Fuck me dead."
Brit again, and I can't figure out if it means fuck me to death or is an invitation to practice necrophilia after one's demise.