Friday, July 1, 2011

Thursday Photo Scavenger Hunt Wets Its Whistle

This week, Phiala came up with the list of assigned subjects:

-Street Sign
-Upside Down

As usual, you can find Michelle's entry and links to everyone else's (I think), if you click on these here magical words!  (I really like Phiala's entry at the very same time as I want to slap her for it.)

Every week, someone says something like, "I shot all of these on my walk to work", or "I shot all of these at my office", or "I walked all the way to Nepal to get these shots."  Well, I went to Chez Lola where I shot almost all of these perched on a lovely bar stool! (Almost, but not all.) And they serve a lovely Lamb Tagine, too.

The first one just sets the scene; it's not part of the assignment.

Chez Lola

Shadow (and yes, I did just get a haircut.) 

Teenagers (and Tweens!)

 Street Sign
 Orange (there wasn't enough orange for you in those? Feh!)

 This is where I write something clever and witty to close out the post.  Good luck with that.


Nathan said...


Random Michelle K said...

OK. Good. But you did say, "wets it's whistle" and then showed many many bottles of alcohol.

Nathan said...

autistic license?

Random Michelle K said...

That I can accept.

Phiala said...

No slapping, it's my birthday!

I like your teenagers. A lot. If I weren't already drinking vodka I might get into the teenagers myself.

Er, not like that. Really. Ew.

I have never walked to Nepal for photos. I do usually get them all on the way to work, but you do have to take into account the two-mile nature of said walk.

And it was Tamie's office, not mine. And we had to be creative to do it. And it was fun, so deal.

Nathan said...


I was highly impressed!

Phiala said...

Well in that case, it was all Tamie's doing!

Jeri said...

I am liking your scavenger hunt locations. Obviously your location manager skill set gives you an advantage.

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