Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thursday Photo Challenge Has Trouble.

We got trouble
Right here in River City
We got trouble; that starts with T
and that stands for Teufel!

Like most of you, I've got too many cables.  A cable to charge my phone. A cable to charge my bluetooth headset. A cable to charge my Nook.  A cable to charge my camera's battery.  Another cable to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer.

And none of them are interchangeable.

Teufel likes cables.

He likes to grab them in his evil little mouth and go running around with the other end of the cable chasing him.  This is fun!  Until it gets boring.  And then he just leaves the cable wherever he happened to be when he saw some other shiny object.  Of collapsed into Insta-Coma.

I can't find my camera's transfer cable this morning.

This is an immediate problem because some of the pics I wanted to put up for the Thursday photo challenge are stuck on my camera.  It's a less immediate problem (but one that will be infinitely more life-alteringly important) because, soon (hopefully, rather than later), I'll need to take some scouting photos to support my habit of paying for stuff and it would be really nice if I had the wherewithal to actually...ya' them to the people who hired me to scout.  Luckily, the job I'm on right now is done with it's scouting stage.  Brief reprieve. (And yes, I know I can go buy a replacement cable before the problem hits critical mass, but I tend to eschew easy solutions.  Complaining is lots more fun.)

Anyway...without further ado, here are the pics that made it onto my computer before Teufel sabotaged the project.

Summer Sunlight:

Something that sparkles (combined with) Something Gold (not Jewelry):
 I have no idea why I thought this little cat-purse thingy just had to be 
posed in front of the photo assignment on my desktop, but I did.  It seemed
a lot more important at the time.

 Chinatown.  Fish Market. 106º.  

  Foley Square is Curvey!

Something Ridiculous:
 I know it's not really ridiculous, but stacking cars like this has always struck me as a bit amusing.

 This is the place where a lot of movies, TV shows and commercials rent their vehicles.  Nobody ever wants the back seat in their 15-passenger van.  They want room for a little camera gear or luggage or whatever.  This is MAYBE one-third of the back seats they have piled up around the place.


None of my "laughter" shots can be rescued from my camera at the moment.  Luckily, I was able to find some shots online that, while not my shots, have the exact same subjects.  Really!  It's like a miracle or something.  Who'da thunk somebody else would have already shot pictures of the exact same people laughing that I did?  I'm even more upset by this because it was really hard chasing these folks down and getting them to pose for me.  I'm gonna kick little Teufel's ass!


Random Michelle K said...

So... doesn't your computer have an SD card reader?

Or don't you have one of those SD to USB devices that cost about $5 for those just in case times?

Just sayin'

And no comments about my lack of photos. I've been incommunicado and am writing this from a hotel in Vancouver.

Where it's 66F (or 19 in Canadian).

Nathan said...

I don't have a what in the where in the who?

Written from where it was 41 Canadian today.

Random Michelle K said...

SD card. The thingy that goes in many cameras instead of film.

SD card reader. A bit in your computer into which you can put said card, and the camera will access all the files on the card.

We docked in Skagway, and I turned on my phone and received texts telling me of heat advisories in Morgantown.

I laughed.