Saturday, August 20, 2011

Departmental Detritus.

The other day, A.J. had a brief post about the crap she inadvertently collects working as a film electrician.  Which got me thinking about some of the useless shit in my kit. 

Yes, I need lots of signs so people will know where the restrooms are and how to get to catering. I can't remember the last time anybody wanted to know where the payphones were.

I have a ridiculous number of dried up Sharpies, hi-lighters and Magnum markers.

I shoot everything digital now and post the files online so I can't imagine why I still have 20 of these in my kit.

I have about 50 maps and map-books. And, of course, I have to make a map to attach to every call sheet.  And, of course, everybody just plugs the location address into their phone and let's it tell them how to get there. My map of Albuquerque comes in handy all the time. Not.

I used to have a 1-million footcandle deerlight you could plug into the cigarette lighter in the car.  That was really handy on those mornings I showed up in the dark before anyone else. Somebody else liked it a bunch and stole it a while back.

I'm not entirely sure why I ever thought it was important to have a bunch of phone line in my kit but I doubt I'm ever going to need this again.  I've got three unopened packages.

I'd be really happy if the toilet plunger in my kit became obsolete.

Last, but not least, I've never needed these yet, but I'm hanging on to them just in case.

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