Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maybe Worth A Little Mention?

While we all were being fairly disgusted by the Debt Ceiling Debacle, the FAA shutdown received a little less notice.  According to an ABC News report I caught tonight, here are the results of that one.

- A few thousand people have been out of work while it went on.
- "Essential" personnel were asked to donate(?) their time for the interim.
-The airlines continued to collect the $30 surcharge on every ticket sold -- the one that's a tax to pay for the FAA. The airlines are, of course, keeping the money.  Sweet!
-The Senate ultimately agreed to the same thing the House agreed to a couple of weeks ago. No idea why it took them so long.
-The legislation was aimed at saving $16 million in expenditures.
-The shutdown cost $390 million in lost revenues.

Way to go Congress!

I've never been a fan of term limits and I happen to like a number of Representatives and Senators, but I'm starting to have this dream of voting out every incumbent in the next sets of elections until every seat has a new ass in it.

P.S. I've finished The Magician King and I'll have a review up soon. Also I need to get out and shoot some pictures for this week's Thursday Photo Challenge.  Also, I need to post stuff here more regularly.  I've been remiss and I shall do better.


Random Michelle K said...

I'd like to keep one of my Senators. And am tempted to ask for the other to be reanimated so we can have him back from the dead, but the rest of 'em?


Nathan said...

Sorry Michelle,

The good ones have to go with the bad. (Don't forget, some of the biggest idiots have constituencies who thing they're the good ones.) Granted, this is all just a fantasy, but they should all get their wrists slapped for...well...everything.

P.S. No rule against electing any of them again after they've all had a one term vacation.

Janiece said...

I like James Webb, actually.

The rest can kiss my lily-white arse.

"Throw the bums out!"

outri = What will happen to all the Congress-Critters.

Nathan said...


Remember, there are people who feel the same way about Michelle Bachmann. It only works if we all agree to DUMP EVERYBODY!

Warner said...

I've actually got a Senator who voted against this debt ceiling bill and for the right reason. Think I would like to hang on to her.

As far as I'm concerned if the Republican nominate somebody to the left of Pataki, Chuck is dead meat.

Random Michelle K said...

I know you're joking and all, but coming from a small and politically insignificant state, the seniority of our senators (and their reputations within the senate) are some of the only pluses we have going sometimes.

And to be even more serious, I'd really hate to lose Rockefeller from the Veteran's committee. (A membership he took because of the large number of vets in WV.)

WendyB_09 said...

They can definately vote my senators out. Although I didn't vote for them, I was very mildly impressed when Johnny Isakson at least tried to lead one of the 11th hour compromise initiatives.

But they all need to go.

Of course what pissed me off was this temporary solution they came up with to fund the FAA until they get back in September because they were too lazy to do their jobs before they left on vacation. Maybe they'd like to be laid off the next time the Prez takes a long vacation...

zingind = what the Congress just did to the country.