Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Pictures In One Day? Why, Yes. It's The Thursday Photo Challenge.

Once again, it's Thursday, and Michelle is making us run around with our cameras snapping away willy-nilly.  And this made me realize that my neighborhood is a lot cleaner than it used to be (not a non sequitur at all).  Ya see, Michelle had a lot of brown in today's assignment. And my inner eight-year-old wanted a shot of some huge steaming dog crap. (The steam would have been a bonus, but can't ya just picture it?)  Anyway, I couldn't find any dog shit!  None!  I'll tell ya; It's one thing that Bloomberg is outlawing cigarettes everywhere.  It's one thing that you can't find any fries done up in month old, gelatinous saturated fat.  But I say he's GONE TOO FAR, when you can't find a proper steamer on the sidewalk!

So, while I try to get over my disappointment, here's what I came up with.

Brown Plant Matter

A Brown Man In Brown Clothes and His Brown Truck (Brown Vehicle and Something Else Brown)


 Sign (and it's something else else brown!)



Random Michelle K said...

The UPS man is my favorite. I cheer when he comes to my house.

Nathan said...

My UPS man goes to your house? Damn, he covers a lot of ground.

Random Michelle K said...

What? You didn't know the UPS are legion?

Jeri said...

The UPS man has got to be some sort of extra credit for most hits in one picture. :)