Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Photo Challenge (Or Whatever Did We Do To Deserve Two Posts In One Day?)

This week, Michelle has declared a Yellow Submarine Edition to the Thursday Photo Scavenger Hunt.  It's surprising just how much yellow stuff you can find once you're looking for it.  And I'll admit that I'm recycling one picture...but I couldn't resist.  It's perfect and it's yellow!

So, without further ado...

Yellow Flower

Yellow Vehicle

Something Else Yellow

Summer Water:

Edited to add...LuLu is exhausted from holding the window open.


Random Michelle K said...

I think pools are already closed here. Schools started more than two weeks ago, so no one to swim OR be a lifeguard.

Random Michelle K said...

waitasecond... why were there a bunch of candles seemingly in the middle of the sidewalk?

That's weird.

Nathan said...

It's one of those utterly pathetic "memorials" you see set up in random places (like ratty wet, dirty teddy bears by the side of a highway). I have no idea what happened there.

Jeri said...

My pool closes at the end of this weekend. I will be sad. And I have a sinus virus thingy and can't even swim right now.

I really like the last Lulu shot. :)