Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Few Observations On A Tuesday Morning.

Why was there a salt-spreader and snowplow on West 104th Street this morning? Was there a storm that I missed? (I haven't seen a flurry yet.)

I was a little surprised to see a line of school buses this morning that said Billy Earl's Transport on the side. That seemed a little out of place in Manhattan. Mobile, Alabama sure, but Manhattan?

I smoke. I drink. I don't get enough sleep. I'm not gluten free, low-carb, high-fiber, or any of those other things. Why do I feel great and the rest of the crew on this show seem to be dropping like flies with various versions of the flu. (Only one Producer got SARS -- or Ebola -- I forget which.)

We have 15 more days of shooting to go. At least one of those days, I expect to show up in the morning and find the caterer parked where we wanted him.

There may or may not be updates. Supply some of your own.


Chris said...

The alcohol and nicotine are cooking all the bad stuff away before it can effect you. I never get sick either, I think for the same reason. Why quit now?

Warner (aka ntsc) said...

I did stop smoking years ago, but I do drink and to make up for the non-smoking I eat lots of rich food.

And about the caterer.

When the caterer parks where they are told to, it is a sign that the rapture will occur within the week.

Eric said...

Maybe you have Three Stooges Syndrome.

Random Michelle K said...

Update: So far this week, no bunnies.

Random Michelle K said...

There was a BUNNY today! Did ya see?! Did ya see?!

Nathan said...


I certainly received a picture on my phone that some lunatic claims had a bunny in it.

Looked like a pile of twigs to me.

Random Michelle K said...

Twigs?! The bunny is totally there!

MWT said...


Nathan said...