Friday, July 23, 2010

Does A Brown Bear Shit In The Woods? Nah...More Likely In Your Office.

A friend posted a link to this today.  It's a series of 4 short animated films about an Ad Agency Producer making totally reasonable demands of a Production Company Producer and the Askee is thrilled to go along.  Just go watch the videos at the link so I don't have to embed them.

One thing though.  The Production Company Producer may come off as utterly beleaguered in this thing, but I assure you, if he's offered the job, he'll be the one making outlandish requests of his Production Manager and all of the crew.

C'mon guys! You should  give us a break on your rate because, we don't have a lot of money on this one.  It'll be a blast; you'll get to work with this major female front of a white background.  We'll have tons of work for you somewhere down the line.  Oh...just send over your resume' and put the dates on hold...we'll let you know if the guy we really want bails on us.

Just watch the videos...they're hysterical.

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