Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Polybloggimous Brings You The Straight Poop!

I'm continuing to make sure I keep track of things, that are things, and I'm not sure why, they're things!  The latest thing that seems to have a lot of people's panties in a twist is the discovery that Chelsea Clinton has ordered some really nice toilets for her wedding.  Now I'll admit that spending $3 million bucks on a wedding does seem a little like conspicuous consumption, but hey, who am I to judge.  I'm sure they'll get a whole lot of really really tacky (yet expensive) gifts that they can return to pay for the shindig.  I mean really, isn't one diamond-encrusted sterling silver tea set enough for any struggling pair of newlyweds?

But, frankly, I don't get the bitching about the toilets.  Here's some shots from TMZ of the portable restrooms they'll be using (appropriately named the Presidential Series).

So, I've seen noted elsewhere, there are real porcelain toilets that flush.  And Stereo music pumped in.  And, can you believe how elitist these people are...there's hot water in the sinks for the guests to wash their hands!  They should be ashamed of themselves!

Yes!  The Clintons and their 500 guests in formal wear should be using these things like any other Joe SixPack.

Except for one thing.  Working in movies, I have more than my share of experience dealing with Portable Toilets.  Yeah, I've rented those nasty things before.  And, I've rented the Presidential Trailers too.  It depends on how long we'll need them and who's going to be stuck using them.  1.) If I had 500 extras in formal wear for a wedding scene, I'd rent the fancy trailers.  2.) If the crew had to use them for more than a day or two...I'd rent the fancy trailers.  3.) I challenge you to find any Joe SixPack who's used the basic version and didn't wish there had been something better available.

Personally?  I've opted to hold it for as long as I possibly could before using one of those nasty things.

There is one upside to the "controversy".  I know Bristol and Levi have put off their wedding, but when it happens, will they feel constrained by popular opinion?  I mean, sure, they'll probably rent the VFW hall or the Moose Lodge for their reception, but if there aren't enough toilets there, will they feel pressured into getting something more plebeian for additional facilities?  I'd love to see a shot of the mother of the bride coming out of one of these babies!


Carol Elaine said...

The weird thing is, as nasty as those things are, they're such a huge step up from my first port-a-potty experience that I still think they're not that bad. I mean, a lot of the newer port-a-potties even have hand sanitizers now! Fancy!

(I'm still scarred from beach camping when I was in my mid-teens, where I ended up getting crap on my jeans. I learned a valuable lesson that night: roll up your jeans before dropping them.)

Janiece said...

I'd love to see a shot of the mother of the bride coming out of one of these babies!

I just shot coffee out of my nose.

Tom said...

Nathan gives us the Straight Poop so well that I can hardly wait till he gives us the Straight Dope! Or is that an oxymoron?

John the Scientist said...

Yeah, well this is why I avoid those things...

Nathan said...


I would say that I had little fear of port-a-potty tipping as a prank at Chelsea's wedding...but they are from Arkansas. I guess anything could happen.

WendyB_09 said...

Port o' Potty - They're still a step up from GS camp latrines...I can still smell the pine oil sanitizer burning my nasal passages.

that is all