Sunday, September 27, 2009

Did You Know That 100 Minus 6 Equals 105? Well It Does.

Friday was a pretty great day, scouting-wise. We had our first scout with the Director. Just to remind you, the way this works is that we show him pictures of a lot of places and then he narrows down the list before we go out and look at things in person. Also, to remind you, this show has almost 100 locations to find for ten episodes.

So, we looked at some restaurants and some churches and a few stores, but mostly we concentrated on apartments. And he liked a bunch of the apartments we showed him. Yay! What's even better is that we'll get five or six of the "scripted apartments" in three real life apartments...all in the same building! (With some characters, you never see any more of the apartment than the kitchen or the bedroom, so we can mix and match a little).

Needless to say, I've been feeling a little bit smug.

Then reality intruded on my self-back-patting session. The problem is that he didn't like the exterior of this building for any of the characters...and we have exterior scenes for almost all of them. So, whereas I was looking for things like "Int./Ext. So-and-So's Apt.", I now have to separate off the exteriors and find them somewhere else. And whereas "Int./Ext. So-and-So's Apt." used to be one location (in my thinking, at least), now it's two separate locations.

So I get to add 5 new locations to the list and I've got pretty much exactly as many locations to still find as I did before we crossed 6 of them off the list on Friday. Does that make sense? Sure it guys are much better at math than I am.


vince said...

Sure it guys are much better at math than I am.

You said it, I didn't. :-)

WendyB_09 said...

See, my teachers always told me we need math for a reason, this must be one of them.

Either that or it's what they called New Math back in teh '60's!