Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oooh! Another Milepost Here At Polybloggimous.

At exactly 10:25:59 P.M. last night, I had my 40,000th visitor.


For the curious among you, the visit came from New Freeport, PA and lasted 49 seconds with 3 page views.

Now let's analyze this for a moment. John Scalzi has remarked often enough that Whatever averages around 40,000 visitors daily. So this blog has 1/600th of his readership. The man better watch that dust cloud in his rear view mirror. (Uh...he's in no danger of me passing him, but at this rate, he laps me quite often and for a brief moment each day, I must seem to be in the lead.)

There's another way to look at this revelation. If you want something kept secret, you'll know just where to post it!

Double w00t!

1 comment:

MWT said...

On the flip side, my blog has been around for half a year longer than yours, and I still have not much more than half your total visitors. So, put that into perspective. ;)

(Of course, I may have just depressed myself. Maybe I should go write posts or something. >.> )