Monday, June 21, 2010

Piano Update

I told you the other day about the pianos spread out all over the city intended to temp nascent showmen out of hiding.  Well, it's a mixed bag.

They've been playing up the story on the local and national news, featuring people playing pianos in more crowded spots.  The ones in Times Square and near Lincoln Center seem popular.

So far, the folks in my neighborhood are a little more shy.  There are two of them at Ft. Greene Park.  The first one is at one of the park entrances on Myrtle Avenue.  That one had a little crowd -- maybe eight people hanging around.  One of them had on a yellow T-shirt with some kind of logo.  I'm assuming she might have been one of the "piano buddies".  There was a guy playing a guitar and a girl playing a violin.  Nobody was playing the piano.  (The two who were playing weren't terribly impressive either.)

I took my book and my camera up to the piano located up near the monument at the top of the hill in the park.  I planted myself in a shady spot waiting for the impromptu concerts to begin.  I gotta tell you...I think there may have been some sort of force field installed around this one.  Not only did nobody touch the keys during the hour I sat there reading -- people actually gave it a wide berth, stepping out of their intended path to avoid getting too close.

I'm sure they'll start getting some play soon.  The people in my neighborhood are inveterate exhibitionists, so it's only a matter of time.
P.S.  The only excitement that took place while I was there was that a big-assed limb fell off of a tree about 100yds. from me and frightened a bunch of pigeons who had been roosting there.  Those must be some heavy pigeons.

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