Monday, December 27, 2010

30 Inches! (Heh-heh, heh-heh)

Between the amount of snow we got and the fact that the wind isn't letting up, this may rate as the biggest storm I can remember in the city.  I do know that the plows are having a tougher time of it than any other storm I can remember.  They plowed my street some time overnight and haven't been back since.  The smaller side street near me hasn't seen a single plow yet. (See panorama below).  And the main drags near me are lucky to have one lane getting by.

Here's a couple a pics and a movie from my front stoop!

Update 10:00PM:  There's been ONE PLOW that made ONE PASS at my street all day.  It wasn't terribly effective.  The good news is: A.) we parked GF's car on the school side of the street, B.) it can stay there since school is out all this week, and C.) when the plows DO get around to showing up, they always plow away from the school side.  WIN-WIN-WIN!


Steve Buchheit said...

You'll have to do a retake. The sun is in the wrong quarter, and that guy is in reverse when he should be going forward. Take 2!

Hope you guys get dug out before New Year.

Eric said...

Damn. And I thought youse guys were used to having snow.

I believe you got our leavings, or our leavings and then some: in North Carolina, anyway, we had the usual post-snow thing of almost all of it melting, or at least the roads were clear although there were some yards that still had pretty thick white coats today.

Stay warm and safe, eh?