Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods...

So, it's 5:30.  I'm not sure I slept more than half-hour last night.  No reason...just couldn't sleep.  And at 6:00am, I'll be on my way into Manhattan to pick up some big-assed SUV...and a director.  And then we head out to Binghamton to meet up with the rest of the crew.

And tomorrow we'll shoot a bunch of stuff.  Not sure exactly what we'll shoot -- we'll decide that when I show him a bunch of places this afternoon.

It's snowing out there.  Which is why we're going there.  And it's cold.

Now I know it's not that cold, but I don't remember how to be outside in the cold.  It's still early in the season for us.  I expect to look like this by Noon tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

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