Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010 -- The Stuckening!

So, the plows have made it down my block a few times.  I'm on what's called a secondary street.  Walk to the corner and you're looking at a tertiary street.  No joy there.

This car appears to have backed in at some point.  Now that the plows have created a berm (I'm standing on it in this shot), that car ain't goin' nowhere.

And this sucker's gonna hurt when it lets go:

Yesterday, the news was having fun showing all of the city buses that got stuck in the snow.  Today, they can't decide which is more fun; showing snow plows stuck in the snow, or showing snow plows plowing into parked cars when the bulldozers and such try to pull them out of the snow aren't so careful about it.

In all fairness, shots of stuff stuck in the snow lack a certain amount of...motion.

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