Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guess Who This Uber-Macho Guy Is.

Sorry the poll looks like crap.  I got tired of looking for a good code to cut and paste without having to register.
This macho dude later became known...
for creating and marketing a famous line of women's beauty products.
for a notorious crime spree.
for postulating a controversial theory.
as half of a wildly successful singing duo.
as a globally influential politician.
for his prolific and groundbreaking novels.
his discoveries in the field of cellular biology.
as a noted philanthropist.
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Random Michelle K said...

I actually know precisely who this is. I cam across the picture in a biography and, well, boggled.

I was also amused by the fact people kept referring to him as "a Dude."

Janiece said...

Clearly, it's NATHAN.

Eric said...

I find your poll choices to be inadequate to the magnificence of this man, so I went with his celebrated stint as one half of the barbershop duo Teddy & Grover. Shamefully overlooked by music historians, the pair of singing ex-presidents recorded a series of hit wax cylinders for Columbia during the first decade of the 20th Century, including "Root-Toot-A-Caroot" and "If You Light My Stogie (I Will Wear My Hat)." The partnership ultimately dissolved, as so many musical partnerships do, over monetary disputes; however, a reunion tour was planned for 1908, only to be abruptly canceled by Cleveland's untimely death that year.

Given the fragility of wax recordings, Teddy & Grover recordings are rare. Last year, a playable copy of "My Darling, My Darling (O, My Darling)" was sold at a Sotheby's auction for more than a quarter-million dollars.

(P.S.: hovertext. Just thought I'd point that out for next time.)

Eric said...

(PPS: Or, in the case of Firefox and some other browsers, the bottom bar of the browser window. E.g.)

Nathan said...


Nathan said...

I fixed it now, Mr. Smartypants!

Eric said...

Well played, my friend!

Shawn Powers said...

Out of curiosity, I took a photo of my computer screen with my Android phone's "Google Goggles" application. It did figure it out based on a photo of my screen!

I'm impressed. Also, I would have NEVER guessed based on the photo.

Nathan said...


That's actually outrageously cool...and utterly retarded. All at the same time.