Friday, December 31, 2010

This Morning's Petty Annoyance With The Neighbor

What's wrong with this picture?

You may recall that I've had issues with how my neighbor chooses to define the border between his snow and our snow. You may also recall that I've had issues with how my neighbor puts his trash out for collection...namely, making it look like its our trash.  Well, the picture you're looking at illustrates, among other things, how I made a point of digging out a path to the street.  I've also dug through the berm created at the end every time another plow has gone by since the storm. (The plows here always plow snow toward the left side -- my side -- of the street.)

This little path comes in handy.  It's nice to have a way to get to the street.  I also had in mind the fact that eventually, the garbage trucks would shed their plows and start picking up garbage again.  I thought it might come in handy  to have a way to get the trash out to a truck in the street.  Well, that trash you see at the end of the path made by my efforts isn't my trash.  It's my neighbor's trash.  

And there's another thing.  Not only is my neighbor putting his trash out in the spot I created so I'd have a place for our isn't even going to get picked up!

Yup.  If they had a TV, or a radio or some-o-that newfangled interwebby stuff, they'd know that trash pickup is still suspended.  I will be putting their trash back in front of their house with a printed copy of the city's homepage taped to it.

I'm also waiting to see what they can do next -- ya' pull off the NeighborlyNeighborTrifecta.

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