Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey! It's That Time Of Year Again! (Scroll to the bottom for an update)

That's right!  It's time for Todd Wheeler's 5th Annual Virtual Summer Reading Program! (Say that 5 times fast.)

This is a no brainer folks.  You read stuff (which you're going to be doing anyway, right?).  Then, you go tell Todd about it every time you finish a book.  And there are PRIZES! (which you could win, but you won't because I'll be winning them).

And when it's all done, Todd makes a donation to the Children's Literacy Foundation!  This is all good stuff, so go read stuff and keep Todd obsessively informed about it. Every book you read gives you another chance at being a winner.

This all starts Monday, so get your reading chair ready. Sort your book pile.  Charge up your Nook.  Fire up the Kindle.

P.S. To increase my chances of winning, I'll be happy to recommend some 1200 page epics to you if you don't know what to read next.  I'll be revisiting Dr. Seuss.
And it seems that Janiece is shamelessly (with permission) stealing Todd's idea and she's running her own Summer Reading Program.

I'm pretty sure you can just enter the same books into both contests (assuming you've actually read them - you're on the honor system here), and Janiece will make her donations to the Douglas County (Colorado) Libraries.* 

And you get a second chance to win shit just from reading stuff you'd be reading anyway!  W00t!
*Janiece points out that she is in no way affiliated with the Douglas County Libraries or with any other governmental, quasi-governmental, non-governmental, or anarchic organization.**  She's not  affiliated.  Nothing she says is their fault!

She'll just be giving them some money.
**She is a member of her Home Owner's Association but that's another story and I don't see her giving them a damn thing voluntarily.


Todd Wheeler said...

I've always felt the sub-text of Red Fish, Blue Fish was some of Seuss' most radical work, though it is hard to argue against the lyrical contrarianism of Green Eggs and Ham.

Thanks for the props! And hey, it could very well be your year!

Phiala said...

Hm, I could do that.

But I'd have to read books. Ewww.

TimBo said...

Dr. Suess? That's for big kids. I'm working on a side project creating pre-literate books for kids in Haiti. No words, just pictures, 16 pages including covers, etc. I can get through one of them in about a minute. While you're struggling through, "Luc Luck likes lakes. Luc's duck likes lakes". All I have to do is find the red in a photograph.

You're going to lose big time! All the prize is mine! Mine! Mine!

Janiece said...

Don't forget that Todd gave me permission to gak his idea - so when you read a book, you can record it in both places, and get two chances to win.

I heart reading.

Nathan said...

Damn, you're quick. I thought I said all that.

TimBo said...

Not seeing any "Nathan's" on Todd's reading list. I frightened you away didn't I?

Nathan said...

I listed book #1 on both Todd and Janiece's contests last night!

TimBo said...

So you did. I guess I missed your one book in the list in the midst all those who had four or so. ;-)

Also I was looking for Dr. Suess.

Nathan said...

Patience Grashopper, I have a system!