Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thursday Photo Challenge Jumps The Gun. (I Mean Really Jumps The Gun).

So last week, Michelle got me to volunteer to come up with this weeks photographic scavenger hunt list. And since she's already posted the list, I get to go ahead early too!  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is:

-Wood (that’s been worked)
-Clothes that clash
-Black & White
-Looks fast standing still.

I'll admit that I've been cheating and keeping my eyes peeled for this stuff since I already knew what would be on the list.  I'll also admit that I may have been a little ambitious with this list.  I don't think I'm gonna come up with great examples of each.

Anyway...go forth and shoot pictures.  When you've posted them to wherever, let Michelle know and she'll put up a link so we can all glory in your creativity and sleuthing skilz.

P.S. I've already decided that if I "look fast" at something to take a picture of it -- while I'm "standing still" -- that doesn't count.  Just sayin'.
You know where I admitted that I've been cheating and "keeping my eyes peeled for stuff"? Well, I had my camera with me while I was doing that.  And, occasionally, I put the camera into a position that placed it between my "peeled" eye and the stuff I was looking at. And then -- Ooops! -- I clicked on the shutter button.

Was that wrong? My bad.
Anyway, that means I've got pictures to post already! With this round, I did crop and/or otherwise mess around with most of the photos.  If it mitigates my guilt at all, while I did make a point of carrying my camera around with me, I didn't go anywhere I wasn't already planning to go to find subjects.  I'm betting that shows.  Anyway, here's what I got.

Wood (that's been worked)

 Clothes that clash.

 Black & White

 Looks fast standing still

 (See what I did with this one?)

That's my contribution for the week.  Kinda hit and miss, but...
Annnnnnnnd...Here's a BONUS SHOT just so I won't have shot all of these before the assignment was assigned. For an alternate "Looks fast standing still" (Fast -  Adj - Firmly fixed or fastened):


Random Michelle K said...

Cheater! :P

Nathan said...

On the one hand, I'll admit that I cheated. On the other hand, it was the lamest, least effective cheating ever. It would have worked out much better if I'd taken a bunch of pictures and then tailored to list to suit what I'd shot.

Maybe next time.

(P.S. you'll know I've enacted this plan if the list ever tells you to get shots of Teufel and LuLu.)

Jeri said...

Look, I have pictures! And if you look at EXIF data you can see that they were all taken tonight.

Wait a minute, I couldn't have cheated. It's your list.

Jeri said...

Correcting my link. Changing the hyperlink after posting it is usually not recommended. :P