Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's An Enigma!

I'm about to get in the boat and go to the far side of the lake because "local knowledge" tells me that's where the fish are.

People from the far side of the lake seem to come over and fish about 40 yards off the end of our dock...because "local knowledge" tells them that's where the fish are.

Should I just fish off the end of the dock or is getting in the boat a prerequisite to catching fish.

(I know part of the answer. Last night we were fishing off the dock -- cause we didn't feel like getting in the boat as full dark approached. While I had the rod behind me--in position to cast, my bait dipped in the water and I caught a small bass before I could bring it forward.)

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Steve Buchheit said...

Why, they're practically throwing themselves at you.