Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Call For Judges...or, Just Going Through The Damn Motions.

As of yesterday, the deadline passed for entering my Pitch me a Spinoff Contest. And let me just state, for the record, you people are pathetic! The judging isn't really going to be all that difficult.

Anyway, in keeping with the rules I established, I'm going to assemble a panel of judge from the lamest entries. Yes, that's right, I said judge -- singular. That's because even though Michelle can't follow rules -- witness her five entries into a contest with a two-entry limit, she's still the only choice to be a judge. And that's in spite of making me laugh with this entry:

Baywatch: David Hasselhoff and the Girdle of Doom

So Michelle, let's have a discussion here in the comments and see if we can judge whether Eric should win with his entry...or possibly Eric should win with his entry. Then again, there's always Eric...with his entry. it's just so hard to choose.

1 comment:

Random Michelle K said...

Well, it was a tough contest, but despite the close race, I think we're going to have to go with Eric.

Despite the low score from the Russian judge.