Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh C'mon! They're Cats! And They're Adorable!

I've been a little remiss lately when it comes to new posts here. In lieu of actual, have a picture of two of my cats in the window.

Someone has promised to help me fix the blog, but he may be hesitant out of the fear that if things are working properly here, the cats might be able to slip through the intertoobs and eat his iguana.

I swear, they don't even know my password.


vince said...

Of course, Nathan is talking about me. And as soon as I get caught up with the backlog of work caused by my hard drive failure (which I should be by this weekend) I will help. Honest!

Tom said...

Vince, I sympathize. With the remodeling going on, my main computer has been de-located, and the backup in the basement has become my main machine. This makes doing a number of things much harder than before. But since it has recently been brought to my attention that a week or 2 (original remodeling estimate) has become a month or more, I think I'm going to have to do something to make the old main computer work-able again.

It's hell not having the tools you are used to, even if those tools are used for e-mail and blogging!

Nathan said...

I'll take Vince at his word and completely accept his previous engagements as valid.

But if this goes on too much longer...the iguana gets it!

Karen from Mentor said...

Cats on windowsills and babies with about pandering...


[but notice I followed you home because of the picture and stopped on the cat post, well, because of the cuteness of the cats...sooo...well played, sir]