Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day In A New Production Office

I'm not complaining but...

Remember that last Production Office on the day we moved in? Lots of acreage? Tumbleweeds blowing across the plains? And, yeah, that was just the locations department. That little alcove on the right side of the first pic was my own personal space.

Ahhhhhhh...personal space.

Another angle on things.

Well, this is the office for my department on this new show. Look at the three of our desks crammed in together there. But we do have a window! Sheer luxury.


Steve Buchheit said...

Window? Luxury! Why we have to walk at least 30 feet to see a window (and that doesn't mean we're close to the window at that point, just we can see daylight).

Jeri said...

Yeah, you have a window! :)

You know, at the point in my career where I finally rated an office rather than a cube - I moved to Seattle where there are no offices, only cubes. Sigh. But a fabulous view of Westlake Plaza and the oddball comings and goings unique to downtown Seattle.

Nathan said...

Just to clarify things...

yes, I've got a window. I ain't got a view of nothin'. Just a window.

I look at it this way. When daylight savings time ends, I'll know just how early it's getting dark out.

Carol Elaine said...

I do not have a window in my immediate area, but I can see two windows from my desk, on either side of the building, so I'm not completely bereft of sunshine during the work day.

I miss the huge cubicles I had when I worked at Disney. Pretty much the only thing I miss about Disney, but those things were bigger than some offices and they were all mine, so I wasn't complaining. Well, I was, but not about that.