Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please Chip In For Shawn Powers & Family.

You'll note that new widget over at the top of my sidebar.  On Sunday, January 17th, Shawn Powers and his family came home from church to find their house lost to a fire.  Shawn, his wife Donna, and three tween-aged girls are all safe and sound, but in addition to losing all of their 'stuff', lost their family pets as well.

Thankfully, they are being well cared for by their community.  They have a place to stay and friends lending a hand, both in meatspace and in Blogo-land.

I haven't posted about this before, because, frankly, I can probably count my readers who don't already know Shawn on one hand.  Regardless, I thought I'd reach out to that handful of you and ask you to chip in.  If you click on that widget, you'll be taken to a site where you can donate.  You'll also note, that the widget seems to indicate that the 'goal' has been reached. I think the folks who started that site were a little surprised (and gratified) to see how effective it was.  Going over the 'goal' really wouldn't cause a problem.

Shawn has insurance, but it'll take time to kick in and do him any good.  Nothing we do can will really ease the trauma of this experience, but being able to get the basics (hey, it's winter in Northern Michigan) and a few distractions for the girls will make the experience infinitely more bearable.

Chip in if you can.  Thanks.

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