Friday, May 28, 2010

Alternative Lodging Option For A Friend's Relatives (You Know Who You Are) And A Boomarang Hand-Me-Down

First, that alternate lodging option:

Hey!  What more could they want?  I'll even throw in a tour of the neighborhood.  Once!

And, as to that boomerang hand-me-down thing...only kinda.  

My brother bought a pair of speakers sometime in the mid-70's.  I inherited them in the early 80's.  They worked just fine for quite a while.  I finally put them out with the trash sometime in the mid-90's.  Needless to say, before the garbage truck came around in the morning, someone had already decided to take them home.  

This morning, I saw them in someone else's trash in the neighborhood.  I swear these are the same speakers -- 35 years later.

The boomerang part would only apply if I took them home again.  I didn't.


Tom said...

I thought you were sayin SNEAKERS!

I'm pretty sure I got my speakers mid- to late-70's, and I still have them. They still work, too.

But how did you get that street arrow to point right at speakers like that? That's cool!

Nathan said...

The arrow was ak-see-dental like.