Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Brief Venture Into The Past

Yesterday, I happened by this place on 5th Avenue, just off of 86th Street in Bay Ridge.  I've seen the place before, but never really paid all that much attention.  The exterior is pretty damned fantastic!

I'm not sure how old these signs are, but I just love stuff like this. Sadly, I can't report that the inside measures up.   At some point in the recent past (80s? 90s?), they redid the interior and it's pretty generic and boring.  There are also a bunch of old racks for shelving on the walls with the shelving missing, so I have to wonder what they might have been displaying in an earlier incarnation.

I also can't really report on the food.  I heard someone order an Egg-Cream, but I've never had one of those in my life and I'm not about to start now, but the upshot is that I wouldn't have any point for comparison if I did try one.

The chicken salad sandwich on toast with a small iced-tea and a side of cole-slaw was just fine, but at $10.00 it wasn't about to inspire any waves of nostalgia in me either.

I'll just have to be in love with the exterior and not worry about the rest.

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