Friday, May 28, 2010

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid!

I'll be evilly spending time in my evil, evil laboratory (A.K.A. my kitchen), today.  I shall attempt...without a net or any other safety make pickles. (Cue 4 bars of scary music.)

Now, before any of you get too excited, be forewarned;  I'm not trying any of Warner's recipes.  There are a few reasons I won't be doing this:

1. I don't have what appears to be a 'canning annex' suitable for manufacturing mass quantities, much less field-stripping large mammals.
2. I don't have 46 pounds of cucumbers and/or other veggies awaiting their fate.
3. I also don't have a bomb shelter in need of provisions intended for an extended sojourn.

But the main reason I won't be trying any of those recipes is that I'm a slave to INSTANT GRATIFICATION.  Yes, I'll be trying recipes for 'Refrigerator Pickles', which have the attribute of being ready to eat in 24 hours!  There's about 12 bajillion recipes for refrigerator pickles with a huge variety of brine ingredients and processes, and frankly, a lot of them sound pretty good.  So, I'm planning to take advantage of one other feature of these recipes -- I'm going to make them in small batches so we can try a few different types.

Hey!  They can't all suck. (Which can be also be translated to mean:  Hey! I can't screw up all the recipes.)

You can look forward to photos and results...sometime soon.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of what success might end up looking like...some more likely than others.

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