Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Television News May Have Hit Rock Bottom.

This is a piece Channel 7 has been flogging for the last couple of days.  It won't air until tonight at 11, so I'm left to wonder..."Is it really safe to eat something that falls on the floor if I pick it up within 5 seconds?"  WELL, IS IT?????

I'm not at all sure what the other medical myths are that they might be debunking, but please don't tell me the calories don't really fall out of cookies if you crumble them up first.  Dear Lord...please don't tell me that!


Random Michelle K said...

Actually, when you break a cookie, that frees up the electrons, which then picks up positively charged calories.

So you're just making it worse for yourself.

anion - see! even your secret word backs me up!

Warner (aka ntsc) said...

It is well known that eating foods of the same color lowers the calorie count (my wife assures me of this), so eat chocolate cookies with chocolate milk.

My wife has delivered 6 doz. cookies for my co-workers on 16 consecutive Mondays without repeating a cookie. Match those credentials.

lessone - lowered calorie count with color co-ordinated calories.