Thursday, June 10, 2010

So That's Where That Word Comes From!

In my continuing quest to inaugurate a recurring feature on this blog, ('cause, it seems like an easy way to generate content), today, I'm introducing...

Etymology Edification!

Today's word is...SALVO.

According to Online Etymology Dictionary, SALVO is from 1719, alteration of salva (1591) "simultaneous discharge of guns," from It. salva "salute, volley" (cf. Fr. salve, from It.), from L. salve "hail!," lit. "be in good health!," the usual Roman greeting, regarded as imperative of salvere "to be in good health," but prop. voc. of salvus "healthy" (see safe (adj.)). The notion is of important visitors greeted with a volley of gunfire into the air.
 P.S. I've just noticed that Blogger has completely changed the way you see a preview of your post showing what it actually looks like on a page of your blog!  It beats the living shit out of the previous version.


A.J. said...

Apparently, Blogger likes you better because the "Preview" function of my blog is still as unhelpful as it's always been. :(

Nathan said...

I'm guessing this is another instance where Blogger is just utterly inscrutable. Maybe the feature only works on some templates?

I sure as hell don't know.