Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Music Was Meant To Be Heard And Not Seen.

This is a song that came out my freshman year of college and I was only reminded of it because it's on a commercial for somebody or other. (I forget what the ad is for -- great spot, right?)  Anyway, I went off looking for it online, which is surprisingly easy considering it's in French and I had no idea what the lyrics might be.  (Go ahead and do a little Googling yourself -- Sah Va Boom Wah will get you there just fine!)

Anyway, here's the song with no visuals and then, what I assume is the original video.  I'll let them speak for themselves.


Unknown said...

I remember this song though I was only in middle school then (mid-70s?). There was a huge controversy a la Milli-Vanilli which later turned out to be true so the guy in the video is not even the real singer.

BTW, "ca plane pour moi" is slang for "it's alright by me".

Ask me French stuff :)

Nathan said...

Ou et Philipe?

Unknown said...

Philippe est parti à la pêche.. Hizz gone fishing. He caught a fish ziss beeg!

Nathan said...

My French book in 9th grade said he was in the piscine! I always thought it was funny that "piss in" was French for swimming pool.