Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An Abomination in the Sight of the Lord.

I've mentioned that I usually take recipes not as road maps to be strictly adhered to, but as suggestions, pointing a general direction toward a goal. Today, for some odd reason, I got it into my head that I was going to make Bourbon Chicken for dinner...a dish I've never prepared before. I looked at a bunch of recipes and sort of picked and chose which seasonings and the amounts that were actually necessary to make the sauce right.

I picked and chose wrong.

Currently congealing in a pan in the kitchen is the most vile creation ever to be produced in my kitchen. (I miss every now and then, but the completely inedible meal is a rarity.)

There are two saving graces.

1.) I hadn't gotten to the point of adding the chicken yet, so I can still figure out some way to save that.

2.) I didn't use the entire 1/2 pint of bourbon in the sauce, so I'm having the remainder on the rocks right now. (Though to be honest, this is tempered by the fact that I didn't buy Jack Daniels on the rationalization that I shouldn't waste the good stuff on cooking.)

Edited to Add: And then I fucked up the chicken. No, really.


Random Michelle K said...


Random Michelle K said...

Does this mean I can talk about anything I want?

Random Michelle K said...


Random Michelle K said...

Or am I supposed to be talking about nothing.

Random Michelle K said...

Never mind. I'm already doing that.

Random Michelle K said...

Reason three thousand, four hundred and ninety two why Nathan hates Michelle.

Nathan said...

I usually get at least one letter typed before I spastically hit "Publish".

MWT said...

Hmmm... I suppose that would be a good time to have a takeout place selling bourbon chicken across the street. ;)

Random Michelle K said...

It could be worse.

My friend Gina is infamous for once making "purple chicken" for dinner.

Bright purple.

Grape jelly purple.

mattw said...

I made chicken last night that my wife said smelled like potpourri, yet it was still good enough that she went back for more. :)

Jim Wright said...

Bourbon Chicken? Dude, how do you fuck that up?

1) Drink the bourbon.
2) Call the Chicken Takeout place

How fucking hard is that?

Like Michelle, she's obviously been drinking... O.o

Anonymous said...

Not just drinking, Jim - I think Michelle's alcoholic drinks also had caffeine in them.

Chocolate espresso martinis, anyone?

(I'm more a vodka tonic or Kettle One dirty martini girl.)

Tania said...

Beer. I'm sampling winter ales because it's winter!