Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Proof Positive That the NY Yankees Are Aliens Who Will Devour You All in the Most Devious Fashion.

It's no secret that I'm a Boston Red Sox Fan and as a result, I view the Yankees as vicious reprobates, but I've noticed something else lately. If you live in NY and watch the local news, you've witnessed the following lately. Each night, there are roughly 23 minutes of local fires, car chases, and shootouts lightly leavened with stories of ECONOMIC DOOM. Then the Sports segment begins, and we're told which new star the Yankees have signed to a multi-million-dollar contract.

I completely buy the logic explaining how the Yankees can afford these contracts at the moment, but I wonder if they're not just copying Chrysler's model of offering huge gas guzzling cars shortly before gas prices soar and the economy implodes. Yes, sports fans are...well, fanatic, but if they're unemployed when April rolls around, are they really going to be springing for tickets?

I know my readers aren't the biggest sports fans around, but I find this to be ironical.

Hey, it's a blurt. Sue me.


Michael Taylor said...

Being a West Coast native, my ancestral allegiance is with the SF Giants, but as a baseball fan, I pay attention to what goes on in the East.

What the Yankees are doing is unconsionable. There were three big free agents up for grabs, so Little Big George grabbed them all -- an example of extravegantly conspicuous consumption worthy of a plutocat-in-the-making. I read that the best seats in the new Yankee Stadium will go for $2500 per game...

If that doesn't mean you're right, and the apocalypse is near, then nothing does.

But I guess this is what happens when the Red Sox rub the Yanks face in the dirt four years straight.

What's gonna be fun is watching the Devil Rays continue to beat up on this pastiche of superstars.

Bring me the head of Scot Borras...

Ilya said...

I thought about writing a detailed comment on how the Yankees' economics work, but then I read the comment of our esteemed Barry Bonds fan, and I figured Why bother?

Go Yankees!

Michael Taylor said...

Did I say I was a Bonds fan?

I did not -- but I am a Giants fan.

Do I understand the mechanics of Ny Yankees economics?

Probably as well as any other West Coaster who does not live and breathe East Coat, AL, DH "baseball."

The '96 Yankees, I liked a lot. I pulled for them, despite the fact that they play DH ball. But the current multi-hundred million dollar team of comic book super stars? Nope -- rooting for such mercenary overdogs cuts against the grain of all that is Right and True. Hank "Son 'o George" sold what was left of his shriveled bloviating soul to the devil, and I hope the Rays eat his lunch.

Boston too, for that matter.

But Merry Christmas anyway...

Nathan said...

We'll continue this argument in March.