Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Big-Ass Awesometastic Wreath...

is all hung up!

I braved the wilds of Brooklyn yesterday to go get this. There was traffic to dodge. Wild animals and children had to be overcome. An old lady had her eye on this wreath, but I was not to be denied!

And then hanging it up was waaaay more of a production than it should have been. But it's up now. And guess what? It ain't coming down until at least two weeks into January.

Update: Visiting Vince's blog has made me feel like a total slacker.


Shawn Powers said...

So what, you live in a cathedral? I think I have serious door envy...


Jeff Hentosz said...

Know what would have been funny? Instead of a bow, you shoulda hung the old lady's arm on the thing.

Well, not funny, "ha-ha."

Random Michelle K said...

I *really* like the reflection of the trees in the door glass. That's purty!

Nathan said...

Shawn, Please be generous when the collection plate comes around.

Jeff, I did not take that woman's arm and I'll deny it whatever you say.

Michelle, Awwwwww!

vince said...

I love those doors.

How green is my envy.

How am I envious, let me count the ways.

Envy, thy name is Nathan's doors.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jeff is close...well, not really, but under the wreath the doors have a "cathedral" top...they're arched, not flat. The doors are the reason I bought the house many years ago. These are the original doors from when the house was built in the late 1880's. Many were cut down and replaced in the energy efficient 70's.
Thanks for verifying my choice!
Anon GF

Anonymous said...

Oh, and to add to your envy, there's an identical set behind the outside door for a "double entry."

Anon GF