Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

...if it's showed up already where you are or if you've still got a while to wait. Here's a little fireworks show over the NY skyline that I found for you. (Though, it's a little like those cartoons that give kids seizures in Japan....look away.)


Random Michelle K said...

Happy New Year of great and beneficent one!

Nathan said...

I'm going to assume the "of" means you've been at the Kahlua.

Random Michelle K said...

Jameson's actually. :)


Nathan said...

One and only time in Times Square for New Years was the (fake) millennium (12/31/99). GF read The Green Mile from beginning to end and still had an hour to wait for the ball to drop. I cut the guide out from the newspaper that (most importantly) told where the porto-potties were. Only problem? If you left your "pen" they wouldn't let you back in.

Best thing in the world is knowing where to go to pee but not being allowed to go there.