Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter! Take Two!

So we're getting our first real snow today. It's actually accumulating and if it doesn't turn to sleet or rain, it should stick around long enough to get snowed on again on Sunday. They're predicting 3"-6" here in Brooklyn and closer to a foot of the stuff north of the city. I'll let it pile up a little and then I'll take some pictures for you.

So, I expect to have to actually shovel this time. Granted, I don't have an acre of driveway to clear, but I do have the front steps and the sidewalk in front of the house to deal with. And, ironically, I actually do need to buy milk if I don't want my coffee black tomorrow...and I don't. (Damn, I feel like a cliche'.) Which brings me to a question. Who are those people who show up on the news every freakin' year buying a snow shovel the night before the first snow. Salt, I can understand. It gets used up (even though I've still have some leftover from last year). But shovels? Do these people throw out their shovels at the first sign of spring? Has there been some massively wondrous development in snow shovel technology that I haven't heard about? Is there one with a heated blade that makes it go through ice like butter? I've had the same snow shovel for about 5 years if memory serves. It still shovels snow as well as it did when it was brand new, by which I mean it still won't operate itself. I'll buy that shovel when it comes out.

Check in later for pictures of NYC looking all bucolic and shit.


MWT said...

Meanwhile, over here it's sunny and close to 80 degrees... I haven't had a shovel in years and would need to buy one if it snowed here. But I do still have my trusty windshield frost scraper. That got inherited from my last car, which came with me when I moved out of Indiana. I've only had to use it once or twice so far this "winter."

Jim Wright said...

Biodegradable shovels maybe?

I just bought a new one for the first time in years. oooooooh, it's red and has a sharp metal edge.

::::goes off to play in the snow::::