Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just How Boring Can I Be?

Plenty boring, thank you very much. I've been trying to think of something to blog about this morning and I'm coming up empty. I did find this nifty site where you can listen to Captain Picard say stuff. And sure, it's nifty, but I can't get an entire post out of it.

I thought about telling you all the difficulties I ran into yesterday shopping for the most basic crap in life, but frankly, I bored myself just thinking about it.

We got a little snow yesterday, but it didn't stick, so it's not yet time to show you Brooklyn as a winter wonderland.

Dinner came out fine last night, so no horror stories there.

And the plan for today isn't all that exciting (at least to anyone but GF and I). We're going shopping for a new range. We want one of the dual-fuel ranges. I love cooking with gas and having gas available for broiling, but baking in a gas oven is problematic...setting our current oven's temperature is more of an art than an exact science. The one thing that should be fun is that I can't remember the last time I shopped for a major appliance with the expectation of being able to haggle. We've got two stores in mind to start with so we can practice in the first one without missing out on anything if we suck at haggling.

The other issue is that we'd really love to get 40" worth of savage heat throwing monster cooktop with griddles and grills and rotisseries and more burners than we have pots, but unless we chuck the refrigerator, we've only got about 32" of space to play with. Maybe we could do without the sink?


MWT said...

Heh, my blog's posts for yesterday, today, and tomorrow are basically all reruns. ;)

Random Michelle K said...

SO lemme know how the shopping goes. I'm very frustrated with my stove, and would love a gas top/electric range model.

Especially since all the electric ranges I've seen are the glass top models. (Why is this a problem? because it's $300+ to replace the top if you crack/break it.)

Nathan said...

We didn't buy anything today, but we saw a couple of things we liked. We thought we'd only be looking at GE Profile and Cafe models, but ran across an Electrolux range that's got some really nice features...and was about 15% cheaper.

We're going to look for some Consumer Reports and review kinda stuff and maybe have another go at it next weekend. The biggest problem is that looking at the new ranges really makes you want to do the kitchen over from scratch.

Anonymous said...

I bought tire last week. That was almost as boring. At least someone did the math for me.

Anonymous said...

We're toying with the idea of switching toothpaste brands. I have sensitive teeth, yet I don't feel I get too much bang for my buck with Sensodyne.

Any input would be great. I also really enjoy contributing to the dullest blog-thread in web-history.

Nathan said...

Leanright totally wins for most mind-numbingly dull.

Phew, that was a close one. :D

Jeff Hentosz said...


Go take your camera for a walk or something.

Nathan said...

It's a little dark now. Maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Pictures taken after dark are far more boring than daylight pictures, they'd work really well to illustrate this thread.

neurondoc said...

I have a dual-fuel range and love it. When we redid the kitchen (drawers falling out when opened gave us a clue that it was time to remodel), we put in a dual-fuel range, and I don't regret it. Especially during Hurricaine Isabel, when we had no power for just under a week. I think it is either a Kitchen-Aid or GE model, but I am not sure. I can look when I go home later.

Natalie (ignoring the boring stuff)

Anonymous said...

I have a bootleg copy of Mike Huckabee's "Hottest Bass Jams" if anyone is interested.

Random Michelle K said...


Please provide more info about your range.

Assuming I'm employed and all, I'd like to maybe get a new range next summer.