Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day.

We don't have Boxing Day here in America. We fought a Revolution a couple of hundred years ago to rid ourselves of the iron fist of tyrannical Royals. In the spirit of the season, though, (and since I don't hold a grudge), I'd like to wish our neighbors to the North a Happy Day of Boxing. Hey, if you guys up there want to keep putting on airs (and heirs) and kow towing to some lady in a funny hat, who am I to tell you different. Go ahead. Be all fake Britishy and stuff.

Anyway, here are some ideas on how you might want to observe the holiday.

If you're thinking of getting a dog, a Boxer makes a lovely addition to the family. They are clearly not members of any of the small yappy varieties of dog and therefore, totally acceptable for Canadians. Their woof even kinda rhymes with aboot.

The following idea would have required a little forethought (and a greenhouse). Today is an excellent day to consume box shaped melons. You can start collecting the wherewithal to be ready for next year.

And please don't forget that the day finds its origins in a religious tradition (don't ask me which; it's your holiday).

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Tania said...

Boxing nuns. Niiiice.

Oh. It's snowing again here. I'm feeling very easily distracted. :)