Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hey, It's Content, Isn't It? (With Science!)

I mentioned yesterday that I had taken some pictures to put on the blog, but I thought they might suck. So I wasn't sure I'd post them. Well, here's the deal. First of all, the weather was less than cooperative, providing me with a less than spectacular sunset to shoot. Second, (and here's the science, guys), I neglected to take the Earth's axial tilt into account. This, unfortunately means that even if the sunset had been spectacular yesterday, it would have been setting far to the south, over Staten Island instead of behind Manhattan. Due to the fact that Staten Island is particularly un-photogenic, this is would not be optimal under the best of circumstances.

While contemplating the non-blog-worthiness of my photos, I came to the conclusion that sucky pictures from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade are better than no pictures from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. So, here, without further ado, I present to you...Mah Pikturs! (Note: I shall try this again in the summer when the Earth cooperates by leaning a little bit more in the right direction. Thanks Earth.)

Here's a map showing where I took the pictures from. If you embiggen the map, look at the spot where the second "O" in "Brooklyn Queens Expressway" is located. That's where I was. (Note: Blogger approves of the way I spelled embiggen.)

Here's the entrance to the Promenade at the foot of Montague Street.

While we're here, let's just take a moment to look at this house at the corner of Montague and Columbia Heights. I've been jealous of the folks who live there since the first time I saw it. They've got one of the best views anywhere in NYC.

This is a view down the Promenade looking toward the Brooklyn Bridge with the Empire State Building in the background.

And just in case you were wondering how I stood in the middle of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, this shows how the Expressway runs in two levels under the Promenade. You can't see them, but there are three lanes running in each direction.

Here's 180º pan of the view. Embiggen this one too. One of the things worth noticing is that the piers in the foreground used to all have ginormous warehouses on them. Those have been torn down and the whole area on this side of the river is going to be remade into a park...with grass and stuff.
The water in the foreground is the East River (which isn't really a river at all since it connects the Long Island Sound to NY Harbor). The Hudson River is the water you can't see on the far side of Manhattan.

This picture shows Governors Island (no apostrophe necessary) with the Statue of Liberty behind it. Note that the view of the statue from New Jersey is of her ass. Take that New Jersey!

The white building you see on the left side of the frame is the ventilation tower for the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel.

That white boat is the Governors Island Ferry. The Governors Island Ferry Terminal is the three arched greenish things you see toward the center of the picture.

And the Staten Island Ferry Terminal is the one directly south of there.

Oooooh! Two ferries crossing in the harbor.

And look! The sun setting somewhat unspectacularly over Staten Island (that land mass behind Governors Island).

If the sun had set in a more dramatic fashion and/or a little further north in the sky, you'd see all sorts of gorgeous glow-y action on these buildings. Trust me.


Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

Nostalgia washing all over.

I remeber how more spectacular the view was with the Twins towering over the skyline.

Steve Buchheit said...

Yeah! Content!

Nice pictures for a gray day.

Random Michelle K said...

Cool! Now I don't have to actually *go* to NYC!

Also? Nice pictures.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Good walkabout as always, NG. Thanks.

Michelle: Yes, you need to go to NYC. Everyone needs to go to NYC. NYC is in the running for my "Happiest Place on Earth." No, I'm not being snarky. I've been a half dozen times in the last 18 years and I've never had a bad time. Even when I lost on the game show. :-(

Nathan said...

Did we know about this game show appearance? Details dammit...with a youtube link.

Ilya said...

I have friends in London who sold their apartment in one of those buildings on Brooklyn Heights with fantastic views of Manhattan. I could never understand why they did that, given that they plan to go back to the States in just a couple of years.

Lots of memories, by the way. Thanks, Nathan!

Jeff Hentosz said...


No linkies, I'm afraid. I only got to sit in the circle and stare longingly at Regis for two-and-a-half hours; my fastest finger was 0.6 seconds too slow. ::weeps at the bitter memory::