Thursday, January 8, 2009

Displeased continued.

First, let's dispense with the weather. This widget on my computer tells me it's 38º out. I have my doubts due to the little snow squall that's going on right now. That's OK. I prefer a little snow to cold, sideways rain.

Otherwise, I've got a bug. My stomach hurts. I've got a cough. It hurts my stomach when I cough. And I slept like shit last night, alternating between chills and soaking in sweat. Yes, this is all a blatant play for sympathy. I need something cold to drink with a bendy straw.

This morning, I decided soaking in a hot tub might relax me and make me feel a little better. It was a fine idea...until Teufel came for a visit. He peered over the edge of the tub, reached his little paw down to touch the water, and then, without warning, just jumped in.

Now it's my understanding that most cats are not that fond of water. Most cats might make the error of jumping in (or more likely, accidentally falling in), but their reaction would probably be to scramble out of the water. Teufel just stood there...his head soaked and water coming up to his shoulders. He just stood there.

Since I figured I should dry him off before letting him run all over the house, that was the end of my relaxing soak. I'm not especially happy with any of this.


mattw said...

Just don't ask Kimby for a bendy straw cause then you'll get it...right between the eyes!

Feel better.

Jim Wright said...

The perversity of cats tends towards the maximum.

Just sayin'

Bendy Straw. Kreplach Soup. Sleep. Feel Better.

Random Michelle K said...

You mean sharing your bath with a cat wasn't relaxing? How strange!

Smart ass aside, I hope you feel better quickly. And that next time you remember to shut the bathroom door.

Nathan said...

The thing is...after having cats for years, this is the first time I've realized that one might invade my privacy. I mean, who cares what a cat gets a look at?

Eric said...

You could have just let Teufel share the bath until you were both ready to get out. Sounds like the boy thought he could use a soak.

kimby said...

As you are sick, and our fearless leader, I will ignore the bendy straw request.

But I do hope you feel better. Perhaps Teufel "knew" that you were feeling poorly and wanted to comfort you?

Maybe he realized how sick you were when you asked for bendy straws.

neurondoc said...

Manly bendy straws

Anonymous said...

I find miso soup helps me when I'm feeling poorly, so I'm prescribing some for the remainder of your (hopefully very short) illness. With or without bendy straws.

Feel better soon!

Tom said...

If I were soaking the the tub and one of the cats (accidentally or on purpose) got into the tub, the next thing that would happen would be my blood leaking out of multiple claw wounds, and cats flying across the bathroom.

And, yeah, who worries about open bathroom doors with cats in the house? If the door is closed, the cats will scratch and pound until it gets opened.

Anonymous said...

NG, you okay? Have Anon send up a flare or something. Central Ohio is worried, brother. :-D