Friday, January 2, 2009

Sorcery, Magic, Ass Kicking....and Goats.

I've mentioned before that I've become a big fan of T.A. Pratt. I loved Blood Engines and the follow up, Poison Sleep didn't disappoint me. So, I've just started his third novel, Dead Reign, and I think I'm going to enjoy this one too.

Marla has to plan a big fancy ball and that's about as out of character as she's likely to get. DEATH wants something from her. And there's another sorcerer who has just reanimated the mummy of John Wilkes Booth to be his servant.

And on page 62?

The goat was locked in the men's room eating a potted plant and drinking from the toilets.

Yeah, this one's gonna be good.

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Tom said...

I read both earlier TA Pratt books, mainly based on your recommendation of Blood Engines, and I enjoyed them both, too. I guess I'll have to get the third on as well.

Thanks for the recommendation!