Friday, January 2, 2009

Nathan Comes Through With The Goods...Finally. V. 2.0

Almost six weeks have gone by since we had the "Write Me a Headline" contest. The winner was promised a nifty hat that says Panavision on the front and Marker on the back, which was the working title for Pistol Whipped when we shot it. And our very own Matt won the hat with the headline: "Hey Kid Come Over Here and Hold This and I'll Give You 65 Bucks."

I was totally true to my word and it took me forever to mail it. A couple of things to warn you about. I left the hat-band set to fit me. When you get it you'll be able to confirm that I do, in fact, have a tiny little pinhead. Also, even though I washed it before sending it, I got cold walking to the Post Office, so I wore it there; it's got Nathan-Cooties again.

Lastly, that thing we talked about (wink, wink), you know the built in surveillance capabilities? Let's just keep that between ourselves. I think enough has been revealed about the UCF this week, don't you?

-Sincerely, Admiral Nathan
Uninformed Cootie Foisters

1 comment:

mattw said...

Sweet, can't wait for my bitchin new hat to arrive. I'll have to try it on in Nathan head size first to see how it compares to Matt head size.