Sunday, January 18, 2009

Loot, Thanks, and a Retraction.

I mentioned that I've gotten some "You're in the Hospital" loot. In addition to a bunch of cards that have shown up from family (always enjoyable), I've gotten this book from Michelle. Apparently, I put it on an Amazon 'wish list' some time, it really is exactly perfect.
Thanks Michelle.

Last night, GF got home to find this arrangement waiting at home. It comes from the incomparable Janiece and not only does it brighten up the hides some of this ugly crap on the wall that they don't even use anymore. Thanks Janiece.

I also mentioned elsewhere that since I still can't eat, they decided they needed to get some IV nutrition into me. I joked that it was going to be Soylent Green. I'm no longer sure I was joking. And I also expect this stuff to stink something awful when it comes streaming out of my pores.

Last, but not least, I once posted this bit. Everything about it is now officially wrong. Pauley Shore, no longer has even one redeemeing quality in my mind. Pancreas my ass!


Eric said...

Pauly Shore was funny in a Futurama episode. So he has that. And I think that's it.

But I am growing increasingly impatient with your pancreas. Would it help if I sent it a sternly-worded letter?

(Again, hope you're feeling better soon.)

neurondoc said...

I agree with Eric. Your pancreas has become annoyingly recalcitrant. Perhaps it needs punishment. Nah, I guess starvation is punishment enough...

Please start feeling better soon.

Janiece said...

I cannot even tell you how ironically hilarious I find it that your balloon says "praying for your recovery" instead of "get well soon," which is what I ordered.


And you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Tell Nathan's Pancreas if it doesn't get in line, like toot sweet, I'm going to post horribly rude things about its political views on several of the most rabid liberal and conservative blogs I can find -- anonymously. We'll see how it likes that.

If it scoffs, well, then. Try appealing to its altruistic side. I have to ask you a favor and I can't do it while your trussed up and plugged in like a battery in the Matrix.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, that IV solution looks like Miller Lite - post processing.

We're all praying for your recovery too. ::snort::

Random Michelle K said...

I still can't believe you hadn't read Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos series before. :)

Hopefully you'll get sucked in like I do, and lose track of the fact that you're being poked and prodded and received intravenous emulsions. (It looks like it says "FRT emulsion", which I'm sure stands for "Fart Emulsion.")

Random Michelle K said...

Here's a stupid question.

I thought prayer in Judaism was different from Christian prayer, in that Christian (especially evangelical) prayer was praying for stuff [like let Billy-Bob get this job so we kin git a new 4-wheeler] while Jewish prayer was thankful and worshipful and you didn't *ask* God for things.

I personally am uncomfortable with intercessory prayers, because I think free-will precludes God coming down, poking Nathan in the pancreas, and saying be HEALED!


Nathan said...

Let's take these in order:

Eric, I too am losing patience. A sternly worded letter may be just the thing.

Natalie, No offense, but I was expecting something...ya'know...more Miracle Max-ish from you. Obama's almost inaugurated. Hadn't you heard that the Govt. can do anything now? Get with the program.

Janiece, I had my serious doubts that you had asked for that wording...unless you had specified "Preying" and they refused to spell it right.

Jeff, send request by email (linked on my profile as you know). I'm honestly bored out of my skull.

Michelle, Yeah, we're mostly about thanking for what we've received, not asking for what we want. (Sometimes, that amounts to a seasonal thanks for spite of the fact there hasn't been any. God's supposed to get sarcasm.)

Nathan said...

Ooops. missed Jeri.

Yeah. My first reaction was, "Great, they're giving me pre-processed Pee."

MWT said...

Yay loot! :) I thought about sending chocolate or something, but figured that might be too far into the "stupid" range.

Random Michelle K said...

Yeah, we're mostly about thanking for what we've received, not asking for what we want.

So does this mean Janiece is thanking God for your pancreas turning into a zombie?


Anne C. said...

Michelle, aside from the fact that Janiece didn't ask for a faith-based balloon, you bring up good question. If God's intervention violates Free Will, then how come there were a bunch of miracles in the Bible? Does he only intervene in the case of natural disasters and illnesses? (In that case, wouldn't Nathan's zombie pancreas qualify?) Perhaps we can pray for an answer. ;)

BTW, Nathan, I've been seriously behind on this story and will endeavor to get caught up in the next few days. Sorry I was asleep at the switch. :(

Random Michelle K said...


It depends, primarily (in my opinion), upon how you read the Torah (I'm totally ignoring the New Testament for this discussion).

Do you view the Torah as a literal history or as a series of tales or parables?

If you (the royal you) read it as a literal history, then do you believe that the interaction G-d has with humans has changed over the history of the world? G-d spoke directly to Abraham, but interactions eventually are through angels and dreams with no direct interaction. So you could say that after creating the world, G-d stepped further and further back to allow humanity free will.

IIRC, at some point a couple millennia or so ago, Judaism declared that the age of prophets was over, which (again IIRC) designated that G-d would no longer act directly in the world. (1)

Now, I personally think that a literal reading of the Torah would mean that humanity does not have free will, because humanity did not have free will historically.

It's also why I will never understand evangelical Christianity, as it all but presumes a personal god who intervenes in humanity. I suppose that explains why they believe their god plays favorites.

(1) IIRC this is why early Judaism refused to accept Muhammad as a true prophet, as the rabbis had already declared the age of prophecy over.

Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

I'll be the ass here and quip in.

It's very hard to read the Torah literally since the old Hebrew omitted vowels. Hahahaha... do'h!

Janiece said...

Somebody disemvowel Konstantin.

kimby said...

ll b th ss hr nd qp n.

t's vry hrd t rd th Trh ltrlly snc th ld Hbrw mttd vwls. Hhhh... d'h!

Your wish is my command....oh mightly second in command!

Random Michelle K said...

Y'know Janiece, you probably have good grounds for calling to complain to the florist.

Maybe you can get them to send Nathan MORE flowers!

Tom said...

When I was in AA I tried prayer (to whom I'm still not sure about), and my prayers were mostly thanks. "Thanks for your lessons and blessings."

I guess that means I'm Jewish! Who'da thunk it?!

Janiece said...

Michelle, in keeping with my new "Happy Median" outlook, I'm assuming the mistake is an honest one, and I'm enjoying the delicious irony of it all.

See how non-screechy that is?

Random Michelle K said...

Janiece, that's true.

However, they florist should be made aware of their mistake, as although I think it's pretty funny, others might find it disturbing or upsetting, and the florist really shouldn't make mistakes like that.

No, I'm *not* saying sue, I'm just saying they should realize they made a mistake that for some people could be upsetting or distressing.

MWT said...

Whenever I've pointed out something that other people might find distressing or disturbing, the person I point it out to automatically interpret it to mean that I find it distressing or disturbing.

So I say, let the people who find it distressing or disturbing speak up for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Nathan's Pancreas, you better get yourself all healed tout de suite. Don't MAKE me come over there.

Janiece said...

Carol Elaine, I've got your back.

The Zombie Pancreas has not a chance.