Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shall I Return To Being A Jackass?

The D.C. Motorcycles appear to have sidecars, yet there appear to be no passengers. What's the story? Is no cop willing to ride the sidecar for fear of looking like an utter dork?

And if no-one will ride in them, why bother?

I'm sure someone can explain this...even if the explanation is simply that I'm a jackass.


Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

What the picture doesn't show is Indiana Jones on the opposite side holding a flagpost, like the Knights of old, charging towards the motocarde in a effort to break free to Austria.

Anonymous said...

That is actually a side-car beer cooler.

How infantile of me.

Janiece said...

Yes, Nathan, return to your Jackassery.

It's so entertaining!

Random Michelle K said...

My (serious) guess is that if something bad happened, they'd be able to take an injured person away from the scene.

Jim Wright said...

Communications, first aid, and counter-terrorism/crowd control equipment storage.

They only put them on for special occasions, like this one.

Though I admit I really like the beer cooler idea. Fill with ice and cheap beer, hand out freebies, GWB's rein of terror ends in the world's biggest tailgate party. Fuck terrorism, where's the wet t-shirt contest?

Tania said...

Booze and Bikers?

I am sooo there!

Anonymous said...

They all have their imaginary friend in the sidecar with them, whispering directions. :)

Steve Buchheit said...

The skill level to ride correctly at less than 8mph is sorely lacking (at 8mph the bike's wheels become huge gyroscopes keeping you upright). So besides the logistical needs, it helps riding at walking pace without monkeying around with the handle-bars.

And it would be pretty damn cold for a wet t-shirt contest. You could have an ice-sculpture judging afterward. Although passing out free brewskies and grilled kielbasa to the crowd would have been neat.