Sunday, March 28, 2010


By way of Todd Wheeler's blog, I've discovered* that L.A. Mitchell** is having a BLOG CARNIVAL this coming Wednesday, March 31st. (The info about the carnival shows up in the fourth paragraph of the linked post).  Anyway, the basics are that she's inviting bloggers to do a post on Wednesday about TIME.  As L.A. says,

"...your post can be any format, any medium, any take, any ramble or a mad cluster of links, as long as it has something to do with TIME."

If you want to play, you can comment on the linked post on L.A.'s blog or email her. (address is in her post also).  I'm assuming she'll publish a list of participating blogs so we can run around annoying visiting all the other Carni-valers(?)

*I realize it's a little presumptuous to say that I've discovered something when all I've really done was the difficult task of comprehending that Todd told me something.

**L.A. Mitchell is a regular commenter over there on Todd's site and, for the longest time, I misread her name as L.A. Michelle, thinking that was her way of distinguishing herself from Random Michelle.  I'm an idiot!


L.A. Mitchell said...

I am so happy you'll be joining us. And, yes, Wednesday is the day you get to run around commenting on other participants' blogs.

Don't forget there is one prize drawing for participants and one for anyone who comments at my blog on Wednesday.

Looking forward to it :)

Todd Wheeler said...

Discover: to uncover; to reveal, divulge, and make known; to find something for the first time.

Works for me.

Nathan said...

Well Todd, I'll happily take credit, but I've always thought all those European Discoverers lost just a little bit of cred for discovering places already filled with people. Like maybe the real discoverers were the first ones to hike across the ice in the Bering Straits? It's not something I get all exercised about, but, hey...just sayin'.

Jeri said...

But, but, but I already did a post on time! I think I have another one in me though. Bwahahahah.