Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't get too excited, but Its my ONE-WEEK Anniversary!

That's right folks. Polybloggimous has been rocking your world for one solid week. I started the blog by posting something I saw on CBS Sunday Morning because I thought it was kinda cool. Guess what? I saw something else on CBS Sunday Morning that I thought was pretty cool. I smell a theme.

Anyway, they did a piece this morning about Jim Denevan. Basically, picture a man and a beach and a rake. Fine art until the tide comes in. I was impressed. Take a look.

What else? Steve Buchheit told us yesterday that Todd Wheeler is having another contest. This one is pretty easy. Just enter your name and he'll pick a winner out of his virtual hat. Don't forget to give either me or Steve credit for sending you there. That increases our chances of winning stuff, and I think I can speak for both Steve and I when I say, "We like winning stuff!"

This coming week will be my first experiment with whether or not I can blog while I've got a shoot going on. Tomorrow, I've got to be on location by 6:00 a.m. and I don't expect to get home until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. We'll be shooting at four different locations in Brooklyn and Queens. This is a small shoot with only 2 trucks, 3-4 vans, one motor home and a crew of about 35 people. Still, its complicated moving all those people and vehicles three times in one day. I still don't know where we're breaking for lunch and that would be a good thing to get figured out. If any of you know of a space near the corner of Bedford Ave. and North 7th Street in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn that can accommodate us tomorrow, let me know.


Jeff Hentosz said...

Happy Anniversary. See what I got you? My first comment in your webSpace. I hope it fits. Seems like just a year ago you didn't know how to code a link, and now look at you.

Also, re previous comments herein: I'm 100% dude.*

*Well, except that nature has deprived me of even one hair on my legs, and except for my inordinate fascination with the makeover segment on What Not to Wear. Otherwise, all male, baby.

Nathan said...

Well Hi right back atcha, Jeff!

Welcome to Ploybloggimus. Take off your shoes and make yourself at home.

I copied that post of yours with the HTML help into a word document I keep on the desktop and added other bits of code as I came across them. I still can't do a link without copying and pasting in the code from the page.

BTW, since you're previously demonstrated the ability to be a little warped when you want to, why don't you stroll over to the post about International Hijack™ Day and see if you don't have some suggestions.

Nathan said...

And Jeff,

I tried to say hi over on your blog (which for some reason, I've never been there before), but wordpress didn't believe I am who I say I am.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Is one week traditionally paper, silver, straw? Maybe it's bailing wire.

Random Michelle K said...


I think the one week anniversary gift is caffeine.

Todd Wheeler said...

Belated thanks for the link! Belated one week congrats! I'll be on time for the one month anniversary, I promise.