Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hijack™ Planning Session

A Sound Clip for you!

Are we on for Monday? Do we have a plan? Is this a brilliant mistake destined for spectacular failure? Is that any reason not to make the most (least) of it?

I say we proceed with reckless abandon. Here's your last chance to sign up, weigh in on how it should work and recommend how we spread through the internet's plumbing system like the gelatinous hairball that ate the world.

Let the anarchy begin on Monday January 28th at 12:01 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time! Do we have anybody in that time zone?


Tom said...

Sounds like a crazy game. I'm for it. It'll be like a Treasure Hunt to find the comments on some other blog.

Tania said...

As you know, I'm all for fomenting confusion! Let the games begin!

On Monday, that is.

I have two meetings, a grooming appointment, and a class in the evening on Monday, so I'll participate as much as I can.

Nathan said...

Excellent Tania. Looking forward to looking for you...somewhere.

Tom, Do you have a site I can add to the list? If so, send me a link. Otherwise, we'll just look forward to you clogging the pipes on our sites.

Random Michelle K said...

I may be busy at work (shock!) but I'll play as I can.

Anonymous said...

Monday looks like a madhouse at work for me too - but I'm in. I have a couple of boring audio conferences that I can ignore - and use the time to spread chaos.

MWT said...

I'll do my best to keep up. Work will be fairly busy for me too, alas.

Tom said...

Nathan, my blog is at Because i use the Google account, it's not linked there. Brain of Shawn's comments have my link either to my domain, or direct to the blog.