Sunday, January 13, 2008

I think this is pretty cool

Living in NY, I usually think of graffiti as just someone pissing in public. I don't like it and wish the graffiti "artists" would just make a mess out of their own living room. This is different and I'm really impressed. Let me know what you think.

It takes a little while to load, but its worth the wait.


Jim Wright said...

Some of those are pretty cool.

Personally though, in general I hate graffiti. It's bad enough in the cities where every post and wall is tagged, but what I really don't get is when you find it on rocks ten miles down a hiking trail. Not too common here in Alaska. But when I lived in Cahlieforniah (I prefer the Schwarzenegger pronunciation, thank you), man it was everywhere. You couldn't go hiking in the Anzo Borrego or up Palomar without seeing every rock covered in gang signs. Which, frankly, I find odd - since I never really suspected gangbangers of being rugged outdoorsmen. Seriously though, who packs along 5 cans of spray paint on a ten mile hike?

Oh and I claim first comment on the new blog!

Nathan said...

Part of the cool thing about this is that they've been trying to catch him for years. Some of those things must have taken hours to paint. How hard could it be to catch him?

And first comment? Eggggggscellent!

Janiece said...

I liked it, especially the one of the cat, the spoon, and super-rat. Hehe.

Shawn Powers said...

Yes, I agree -- pretty cool.

Here in Michigan, a few years back, there was a guy (or gal) that painted "Jesus Saves" on every single bridge on I-75. That's about 500 miles worth of road, and he (or she) got every single bridge.

Now, I'm not claiming it's the best form of evangelism, but ya gotta give the person some props for diligence if nothing else!

Oh, and I'm playing catch-up. I missed the post where Nathan announce his blogginess. So I showed up late. :)