Monday, January 21, 2008

Nathan's a whiney, whining, whiner.

I've been told once or twice in my life that I'm capable of getting a little...whiney. In the past, my only whining options were face to face, telephone, email, etc. All of those options are clearly limited in the amount of people they can reach.

Eureka, Hosanna, Hallelujah, I've got a blog! The amount of people I can reach is damn near limitless. And, to make the most effective use of this wonderful piece of technology...

I was on my feet all day and my legs hurt!


Tania said...

Oh, you poor baby. Here, let me play the smallest violin just for you....

Ok, now I'll whine. I've been trying to write a post over on my blog, but I keep procrastinating.

If you read it over on Whatever, remember that things about being in the Jeopardy! contestant pool? Well, they called on Friday, and I'm supposed to go film the show on Feb 12th. So if you want to hear some whinging, you should be hanging out here for the next three weeks. Damn my friend Heather, who bullied me into trying out.

Hey, did I just hijack your thread?

Nathan said...

Its a tread that was just begging to be hijacked. And an excellent hijack that is.

You're going on Jeopardy? Coooool. I've registered online a gazillion times and never heard anything. You have to let us know when your show's going to air... no matter how you do.

Nathan said...


I just announced your Jeopardy! appearance on ba bunch of other blogs*. You're welcome.

*They're all places you'll visit.


Jim Wright said...

I'll take things that are really cool for $500, Alex.

Way to go Tania, congratulations.

Anne C. said...

Thanks, Nathan, for the leaflet left on my blog. ;)

Congrats, Tania. I second the request for a notice of when it's on. Good luck, kick some trival butt!

Jeff Hentosz said...


Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. I got called to do the audition thing in Pittsburgh in December and now I only have (count fingers...toes...) 17 more months to wait to do it all over again.

If you have time, look for Bob Harris's book Prisoner of Trebekistan for tips and inspiration. Otherwise, get off the interwebz and get ter making flash cards! Go on, git, girl. Good luck!


You're not particularly whiney. You're just very old and falling inexorably into little hurty pieces. Does that help?

Janiece said...

Oh, NOW I get it.

Congrats, Tania! Let us know when it will air so that we can all watch with pride, saying, I know that smarty pants. HA!

Nathan said...

I really am just completely and utterly jealous. And, looking back on it Tania, not only did you hijack this thread, but you set it up so that I could hijack a bunch of others on your behalf.


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm losing it. I swear I posted a comment here last night congratulating the brainy and telegenic Tania.

Oh well.

Congratulations, trivia queen!

And Nathan, that's a lot of buildup for really only a very small whine. It didn't even register on the annoyance-meter.

Nathan said...


It wasn't the size of the whine so much as my realization of the potential size of the whine's audience. I'm merely celebrating that I can rate a "Who Cares" from infinitely more people now than before.

And, I'm cold again.

Shawn Powers said...

I sat at a desk all day, and my knee hurts. Maybe it's sympathy pain for your day of walking. If so, I'd like for you to sit in a comfy chair for a few days. I'd like to experience some sympathy comfort as well.

Oh, and Tania -- I said it somewhere else too, don't remember where, but congrats!!!

You should have a "signal" for us Whatever Refugees. Like the Carol Burnett ear tug for her mom. Because THAT'S what you should be concentrating on that day. US. Tee hee!

Jeff Hentosz said...

"Who cares?" I think not. That cold might be your circulatory system shutting down.

I'm really very concerned.

Ya puss.

Random Michelle K said...

Congrats tania the hijacker!


That's didn't sound right at all.

Congratulations anyway?